MM-II brings a novel option to osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers looking for effective non-surgical solutions.

MM-II, is a liposomal injection that relieves knee pain by lubricating joint and reducing joint friction and wear. MM-II leverages the physical properties of a proprietary large multilamellar “onion like” liposome whose bilayers are composed of 2 known phospholipids.

A first-in-man, randomized, controlled, double-blinded study was conducted in mild to moderate symptomatic knee OA patients comparing MM-II to hyaluronic acid, the standard of care. A single injection of MM-II showed faster and better improvement in pain and activity than hyaluronic acid. Results were presented at recent conferences of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Osteoarthritis Research Society International, and American College of Rheumatology.


Illustration of MM-II’s
Liposome Structure


Efficacy was measured with tools commonly used in osteoarthritis clinical trials. The following charts present highlights from the clinical trial:

Mean Relative % Change in Knee Pain (WOMAC A) Over Time


Percent of Participants Responding to Treatment

OMERACT-OARSI Responder Criteria


MM-II’s proprietary lipid combination and structure was proven to be optimal for reducing cartilage friction and wear. This proof-of-concept was demonstrated ex-vivo in a cartilage-on-cartilage model and the results were published in two peer reviewed journals:

1. Sivan, S. et al, 2010 Langmuir, 26 (2), 1107-1116 »
2. Verberne, G. et al, 2010 Wear, 268 (7-8), 1037- 1042 »