Our Lead Product MM-II

Moebius’s lead product, MM-II, is a novel non-opioid intra-articular injection that leverages the physical properties of proprietary multilamellar liposomes and an innovative mechanism-of-action to provide sustainable relief of symptomatic knee pain in osteoarthritic patients. Extensive pre-clinical work has demonstrated MM-II’s safety and lubricating properties, which work to reduce joint friction and wear of cartilage, and a first-in-human study has demonstrated MM-II’s tolerability and ability to reduce knee pain in OA patients. The clinical development of MM-II is continuing in collaboration with Sun Pharmaceuticals, and we are currently enrolling patients in a large dose-ranging clinical trial in the US, Denmark and Hong Kong. Read more about our collaboration here.

Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic degenerative joint disease, characterized by progressive wear of joint cartilage. Clinical manifestations of OA in the knee include, but are not limited to, pain in and around the joint and limited joint motion. Due to the inability of joint cartilage to self-heal, OA is among the most challenging joint diseases to treat, and currently no cure exists. The focus of current OA treatments is to reduce pain and improve function of the affected joints. Global estimates of OA exceed 100 million, and symptomatic OA afflicts more than 30 million Americans. Loss of joint function as a result of this condition is a major cause of work disability and reduced quality of life.